About Us

About Us

Our Business

If you are a specialist builder, construction organisation, or a small business that needs a digital marketing campaign that helps you get more leads and ultimately increased revenue, then this is going to be the most interesting message you will ever read.

Here is why: Have you ever worked with a digital marketing agency before? And, were you perhaps really disappointed with the result that they delivered? Does Google marketing leave you more confused and frustrated to death? You are definitely not alone.

The digital marketing world can sometimes be overwhelming, and many businesses have failed at it and felt sceptical ever since. Let’s be honest, there are also digital consultants out there that have been darn good in delivering excellent ideas or services but for a substantial cost. And so on. You get the idea.

Annofire exists for the sole purpose of providing you with results focused, good looking websites that deliver outstanding results in terms of attracting new leads online, as well as providing custom digital marketing campaigns designed to increase your revenue in an effective and consistent way.

Applied knowledge is powerful. We keep things simple but still attractive. We listen to learn, and learn to listen from your customers. Our inquisitive and inspirational solutions not only establish a clear and powerful communication, it also provokes customers to respond, delivering growth. Less is more, more is less.

Some of our clients were initially sceptical about the whole process because they have had a previous negative experience with digital consultants. We welcome all those clients with open arms as we focus on their goals and objectives personally; by studying their business needs, and ensuring the best is achieved with the lowest amount of marketing.

What was once doubt was replaced with trust and satisfaction. And we would love to do the same for you.

Get in touch with us today, and together we’ll understand how we can turn your website into a lead generating machine!

Our values

  • Availability

    You can reach us anytime and at any place when you have questions in your mind. We are always available for you. We focus on listening and understanding you and your clients. You can speak to us like you speak to your neighbour or friend.

  • Adaptability

    We get how important it is for you to deliver your day-to-day work for your clients. Therefore, we quickly adapt to your agenda and business needs in order to deliver maximum results during the process. We know what it takes to get a deep understanding of what a business needs in order to win big online. We ensure that your business is able to quickly adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

  • Curiosity

    Good ideas come from curious minds. We highly value creativity, we believe the more creative we are with our design and development the more successful your business will be. We constantly challenge ourselves to come up with more creative ideas. In our team, curious minds are very well rewarded.

  • Uniqueness

    You and your business are as unique as your fingerprints. We highly value your unique perspective on where you want your business to be, and strongly empathize with that. Therefore, we do not force-fit solutions for our clients, but rather approach each project as a unique opportunity to deliver an outstanding solution tailored to your individual needs.


    We understand you are not a web expert and won’t force you to be. Therefore, we keep things simple and focus on only what is relevant to your business without complicating your mind with technical stuff.


    At the end of the day, results are what really matters. Most digital agencies focus on statistics and numbers, and end up disappointing their clients by delivering poor results. All we care about is ensuring that your investment on your website brings you new business opportunities.



The first step of our process is to understand your business needs, goals and challenges. We believe listening is extremely important for your success. By knowing exactly what your business needs, we eliminate any obstacles that may pop up along the away.


The second step of our process is to prepare a well-developed strategy and structural plan for your website. Prioritizing your vision, business goals, artistic taste, and personality to the overall design plan


On the third stage our creative design team will be formulating the blueprint for your website. You will be given a bird's eye view of how your website will look. Expect to see beauty, simplicity and effectiveness.


At this stage, our expert programmers will come into play. The online foundation, pages, content, images, navigation, and all the technical specifications will be laid out based on the approved design.


The fourth stage will be the unveiling of your new website. You will finally see and get the feel of your new online portfolio as you browse through each page and read your content. We will be testing the waters and observing how visitors respond.

Post Launch

The last stage will be the evaluation of the output and continuous support. Annofire will be here to support you and your business’ online-technical needs as situations arise. We will not leave you hanging, rather, we aim to promote a continuous and strong professional relationship for the years to come.

Our Team



Your problems are gifts that inspire us into action. We want to help you. You focus on your clients, we focus on your problem. Trust is what we need from you. We want to be the best and we want you to be happy. We work until you are happy.


Project Manager

Your success is my challenge. I am here to help you and your business to realise your dream. You can rely on my passion, dedication, knowledge, and skills to deliver optimum results and customer satisfaction.To see you succeed is my mission and fulfilment.


UI Developer

A Good development comes only with great research. The more we know about your business and your clients, the better we tailor the development to your needs.