Benefits of Having a Facebook Page for Your Construction Business

Benefits of Having a Facebook Page for Your Construction Business

By Richybhel B.


On our previous blog, we introduced the top 3 social media sites that produce the best return on investment. And on the top of that list is Facebook, so we thought why not make an article that discusses further the benefits of having a facebook page especially for construction businesses.


Facebook has 1.5 billion monthly active users and being the number one social media platform in the world right now. Starting on this platform will be ideal especially since setting up a facebook page is free and easy to do, and has numerous potential benefits for your business.


It Can Direct Visitors to Your Website


You can actually put your website address on your facebook page for everyone to see. This is one of the greatest benefits of Facebook, directing more customers to your website and increasing your online traffic. This will expose visitors to stronger marketing copy, learn more in-depth knowledge of your products and services, and lead to an actual sale of your products and services. Visitors who come to your website from Facebook are more receptive because they have already been exposed to your brand.


Targeted Advertising


Facebook has developed advanced digital tools that analyse all the information that billions of users enter into their profiles. They categorize such demographic and behavioral data for targeted advertising for businesses. And having a Facebook page, you can pay to use this information for your marketing campaign.


For example, a gardening business can use Facebook to calculate how many men over the age of 40, located in a certain city, have listed ‘gardening’ as an interest. Then they could create an ad for gardening supplies and services, and pay for it to show only on the pages of those people. This ad will appear on the right-hand side pages on Facebook.


You Can Show Your Business Information


This is a good place to share your business information like your business name, phone number, business address, email, website, etc. You can also share a brief description of your products and services for people to learn more about your construction business.


Facebook Places Can Amplify Your Location


When you register your Facebook page as a company, organization, or business you can add your location as you set up. And when people search for a specific ‘keyword’ related to your brand, or if they search a certain location near you, then your business will show up on the Facebook places result. It will also show if you have any special deals or discounts, thus amplifying your brand on Facebook.


It Offers Cheaper Marketing Campaign


Marketing campaigns that normally cost thousands of dollars on other media like billboards, TV or radio will only be a fraction of the cost on Facebook. This is ideal for startups, and small to medium construction businesses.


You Can Raise Brand Awareness


You can invite people, customers, friends, family, etc. to click the ‘Like’ button on your facebook page. Then, after that, they will be updated about your activities on their newsfeed. This will increase your brand awareness and visibility on their facebook account. They can also like and share your posts, this will, in turn show up on their wall where their other friends can see them, thus your brand awareness spreading further. This action also connects real people to your brand adding a more personal touch.


You Can Communicate With Your Potential and Existing Customers


This is a great channel where your potential and existing customers can communicate and connect with you using Messenger. Interested people can send you an online message with just a few clicks and it’s absolutely free. It is a built-in chat or email system giving more convenience to you and your clients. People on facebook can also post questions and/or recommendations on your wall. Thus making it a platform for customer support as well. You can respond and answer customer queries on your wall or privately depending on your preference.


Showcase Photos and Videos of Your Projects


You can create an online showroom of your previous construction projects by posting photos and videos of it on Facebook. You and other facebook users can also share this photo and tag friends that will spread the photo on facebook even more. This is a great way of showcasing previous projects without people needing to go to the actual site.

Benefits of Having a Facebook Page for Your Construction Business Infographic