Finding Your Customers on Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media Sites

Finding Your Customers on Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media Sites

By Richybhel B.


Are you having trouble finding where your target audience hang out online?


Do you want to connect with your customers on social media but don’t know how?


Before you start with your social media campaign, it is important to find out who your target audience or customer is. And what social media platform they usually hang-out and take part of.


This article will show you how to find and connect with your target customers on social media.


 Define Your Ideal Customer.


There are billions consumers and customers around the world but not everyone will respond to your business. It will be expensive and a waste of time if you’ll be randomly shooting your arrow into the air hoping it will hit your “prey” a.k.a. customer. But knowing who exactly is your ideal customer will give you more focus on your online marketing campaign. Knowing their demographic and behavior will give you a clearer target when you set out your hunt for your ideal customers on social media. Here are some questions that may help you identify your ideal audience. Remember the more specific your answers are, the better!

identify your customers

Where is your ideal audience/customer located? Specify the country, city, or town.


What is your ideal audience/customer’s age range? Example: Ages between 18-30 years old, 30-65 years old, or 25-45 years old. You decide.


What is your ideal audience/customer’s gender? It can be male, female, both, or any.


What is your ideal audience/customer’s occupation? Be specific. It can be more that one.


What is your ideal audience/customer’s financial status or average income? Decide if you are targeting the upper class, middle class, or lower class income bracket. Or give a specific amount, example, someone with an average of $ 40,000 annual salary.


What is your ideal audience/customer’s marital status? Are they single, married, divorced, etc.


What is your ideal audience/customer’s interests or hobbies? Examples are gardening, landscaping, home renovation, home repair, house remodeling, carpentry, etc. Put in keywords related to your business’ products and services.


Now you can definitely add any other important information that you think is important that is not on the list. It is all up to you.

Find Out Your Target Audience’s Size.


Okay, so based on the answers to the questions above you can actually search how many people fit those characteristics using online tools. On Facebook, you can determine the size of your target audience/customer using Facebook Ads Manager. Another online tool you can use is Simply Measured which is one of the best in gathering relevant data on social media networks.

Research Online Behavior on Social Media.

Research Online Behavior on Social Media.


After knowing your target audience/customer’s identity, it is now time to know their personality and behavior. You can conduct online research using different analytical tools, conduct online surveys, or use tools that are already provided by the social media platforms. Examples of helpful tools are:


Facebook Ads Manager


Facebook Insights


Twitter Advanced Search Tools Platform


Google Analytics












Don’t be afraid to explore each platform so you can find out which one works best for you and your business. Most of this have a free and paid option, which can help you choose which suits your online need and budget.

Connect With Your Target Audience Customer.

Connect With Your Target Audience / Customer.


After creating a very clear picture of your ideal customer and knowing how they behave, it’s now time for action! Put all the knowledge you’ve gained from the test by finding them on social media networks.


After finding them, reach out and connect with them by getting their attention. You can add them, join their group, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other social media network you prefer. You can also send a personal message, a shoutout, write a message on their wall (on Facebook), or quote them on their posts, you can be creative!


But the most important thing is to establish trust. Don’t expect them to add you or accept you if you are not being truthful and transparent on your social media accounts. Once trust is established, there would be more opportunities to connect.


Once you connect and they follow you back, keep them always updated with what’s latest in your company. Give them meaningful blogs and articles that they may be interested in. Be consistent with the information you provide, and if there will be any changes in your business or services, let them know right away. Make sure to always make them feel important and part of the business since they are your valued customers and they will certainly reciprocate.


And that’s how you hunt for your customer on social media!


Now, if your business needs any help in hunting for your customers on social media then you have come to the right place! We at Annofire not only specialize in website development but also in social media management. We would like to help you and your business succeed online so don’t be shy to ask! Contact us now and get our free consultation.


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