Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Be Left Out of the Digital Age

Why Your Business Cant Afford To Be Left Out of the Digital Age

Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Be Left Out of the Digital Age

By Richybhel B.


Does your business feel like it was set up during the pre-historic era? Where you rely on the knowledge of your tribe to know you because you’re the only one who can give that kind of service? Or does it feel like it was set-up in the 1940’s to the 1950’s. For example where a simple business card, placard and billboard ad was enough as a marketing campaign? Or does it feel like it was set up in the 1960’s to early 1990’s. Where you pay insane amount of money for audiences. Why? Just to hear about your business on radio and see it on television for wider exposure?


Then it’s sad to say that you and your business may be trapped in the past where information was still slow. So so slow that it takes days or months before people get exposed to your brand. Yes, some may say that those were the ‘Golden Age’ and that those techniques might still work. But we beg to differ. In this Digital Age where information travels as fast as the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second means that information waits for nobody. Information about your business should be delivered just as fast to the hands of your target audience and potential customers. So it is important to add one important thing to the formula…your business should have an excellent digital strategy.


You might be wondering, what the heck is digital space? Simply put, it is the continuous area or network of information all over the world where you can store, share, view, explore, and almost do everything with information available today. Well technically, ‘Digital’ usually refers to something using digits, particularly binary digits, technology, and computing. (Wikipedia). And ‘Space’ is a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied (Google).


So why do we deem it so important for your business to have an excellent digital strategy?


Because Everyone Uses Technology. And most people can’t even live without it! Do you have a mobile phone? Does it have access to the internet? Do you go online to look for things that you are interested in? And do you think that you are the only one who does that? Well as much as we try, we can’t ignore the fact that we have incorporated technology in our daily lives. So imagine what if your business has no access to technology? What if people can’t find your business online when they are looking for your products and services? Imagine how many hundreds if not thousands of potential customers you are missing out on because you didn’t put your brand out there in the digital space? Say goodbye to local and national brand exposure! Whew, you could also have gone global!


Because Time is of the Essence. People want to save time, and that’s the reason why they turn to the digital space to look for products and services. They want to get the information they are looking for the fastest way possible. In just a few clicks and a few seconds, they can find businesses, store locations, reviews and prices online. They do it using their smartphone wherever they are. So can you picture people wasting their precious time? Will they go through the trouble of driving around town just to search for your store if you don’t have a website? How many people still does that nowadays? They want information and they want it super fast. The giant companies know this that’s why they are first ones to use digital strategy in their digital marketing campaigns.


Because It is Cheaper and More Convenient. Setting up a marketing campaign online is way cheaper than paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for a TV or radio commercial. The cost of a 30-seconds, one-time TV ad in the UK is around 30,000 pounds (Business Insider). However, you can get yourself a well-designed website and set-up effective social media ads. Finding and working with the right digital strategy engineers would not cost as much! Imagine where you’ll be spending all the extra thousands of pounds you’ll be saving.


Because Accessibility Builds Connections. The internet does not sleep, and so does your brand, and so does some of your customers! Every media you present your business online gives it a virtual 24-hour showroom. Having your social media accounts and own website that is flexible in all devices, gives your customers accessibility to your brand and portfolio any time of the day. This also means they can find you everywhere! Imagine if they can find and communicate with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, how much closer can you think you’d be! The more they feel that you are reaching out to them, the more they feel connected to your brand. This may lead to brand loyalty and possible brand recommendations to their peers! Now, who wouldn’t want that!


For Easier and Faster Selling. Marketing, selling, purchasing and paying has never been faster and easier than it is today. Everyone can do it with a blink of an eye. And busy customers prefer it that way to save time and money. Imagine if you have a well-designed website that showcases your products and services. A website that shows photos or videos of your previous works. A website that shows customers your contact information where they can easily reach you. A website with recommendations posted of highly satisfied customers and previous clients. And a website with a direct message that says ‘Contact Us Now To Get an Estimate’. What do you think your visiting potential customer will do? Right then and there, you already made a great impression! And it will be no surprise if they’ll be contacting you to get your products and services.


So those are the reasons why your business can’t afford to be left out of the digital space! But in summary, it’s just saying if you don’t build your brand online then your business is extremely losing thousands of customers and thus your hundred of thousands of possible sales and profit.


And we know that’s not what you want for your business! You did not build your business just for it to fail! No one does.


That is why we have created Annofire. We are superior digital sales engineers that were born from the desire to help your businesses to take advantage and champion the ever-changing digital landscape. Our expert team is here to help you determine what digital strategy your business needs for it to succeed. Imagine you getting a medicine or sales doping to the right spot for faster and better effect for your business.


We have a plenty of knowledge and expertise in house that can benefit you and your business, and, we’re not afraid to share so please do not be shy to ask!


Get your free consultation now. Absolutely no fees are charged. We would like to help you in digitalizing your business. Why? To increase your profitability and efficiency!


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